The Blec Business, A New Future

The Redexim Group in Holland has announced its plans for the future of the Blec range of products for the UK and Export markets. Production is being set up by Redexim for the 2016 range of Blec machines with initial supply starting in April/May next year.

The Group has also entered into an exclusive agreement with Garry Mumby and his new business, Greenworld Equipment Limited., to work full time with Redexim giving design, technical, application and sales support to the future Redexim Blec business.

Until full production has been set up at their factory, Redexim has put in place arrangements for the supply of a limited number of machines, and Blec parts, over the coming months.

Blec UK, a division of Charterhouse Turf Machinery Limited, has been set up for the supply of the Blec machines and parts to existing and new Blec customers in the UK and Ireland.

Garry Mumby, as the Manager responsible for Blec UK, will handle all sales, demonstrations, technical and service support in the UK and Ireland. He will work with the Charterhouse team to establish a full dealer network over the coming months, ready for the 2016 season.

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BLEC Joins The Redexim Stable

Redexim bv, the parent company of Charterhouse Turf Machinery, have reached an agreement to purchase the assets of BLEC Global Ltd.

BLEC is continuing to trade as normal, for sales and parts queries please contact us:

4 Crowland Business Centre, Crowland, Peterborough, PE6 0FB
Tel: 01778 346222, Fax: 01778 346777 Email:

The deal includes the purchase of the BLEC name and means that the products will continue to be traded around the world by Redexim under the name of BLEC.

Redexim will now be responsible for the full manufacture and distribution of the current range of over 80 different BLEC machines throughout the world including the UK & Ireland. Discussions are currently underway to set up dealer arrangements in the countries within which BLEC operates, including the UK, and announcements about this will be made in due course.

BLEC, founded in 1986, have developed a good reputation around the world for developing new innovative machinery that is well engineered, built for long life and reliability. The company offers a wide range of specialised landscaping and turfcare machinery, both walk behind and tractor mounted models, to suit a varied range of requirements.

BLEC products have been used by greenkeepers, groundsmen, turf growers, landscapers, contractors and installation companies around the world.


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Plantworx works for BLEC

BLEC Global report a very good response from customers at Plantworx 2015, with the main products demonstrated being the Power Box Rake and Laser Graders.
The Power Box Rake is designed for landscapers to be able to cultivate, earth move, grade and rake all in one pass. There are several configurations with walk-behind, tractor and loader versions.

The BLEC Laser Grader comes in compact, mid and heavy-duty models offering dual grading with an accurate and smooth proportional valve system. The graders are ideal for levelling sports areas, golf tees and all types of pitches.
BLEC’s Gary Mumby says “we are very pleased with the show. We have created some new contacts and BLEC are now actively looking to extend our range of equipment to cater for the growing demand within the construction industry.” Both the Power Box Rake and Laser Grader were sold at the show following the demonstrations.

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BLEC Global live at Turf Maintenance

BLEC Global was pleased to join in co-hosting Turf Maintenance LIVE at Deeping Rangers FC, Peterborough on 12th and 13th May 2015. The new two-day event was an opportunity for showcasing the latest technology and practices in turf maintenance with live demonstrations. BLEC joined Ransomes, Rigby Taylor, Shelton and Wiedenmann for what was generally agreed to be a successful event. The feedback from visitors was that they enjoyed seeing the machinery being demonstrated and BLEC had some overseas customers who specifically came to see the equipment working on site – hands on. They also wanted to spend time going through the product range and have placed orders for machinery, based on the demonstrations. Representatives from the IOG and BIGGA also attended the show and the exhibitors thank Dave & Jill Holmes, who hosted the event at The Deeping Rangers Football Club, a great venue for it, and they appreciated all their support.

“We were delighted to join with the other manufacturers and exhibitors at this new event,” says Gary Mumby, Managing Director of BLEC Global, “it’s a really good opportunity for anyone involved in turf maintenance to see the latest innovations and equipment.”

BLEC displayed several machines from their range of specialised landscaping and turfcare equipment. The Cultipack Seeder offers an accurate seeding system with an output of up to 5,000 sq.m. per hour. It’s now also available for European 2-wheel tractors. Equally, BLEC’s Disc Seeder provides an efficient way of overseeding small and large areas with very little surface disturbance. The Groundbreaker is a one pass decompactor with wide applications in relieving compaction from golf greens to sports fields.


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Multivator is made for sports turf

It makes a great deal of sense when you need to de-compact and top dress sports turf if you can combine both without even needing to import soil. That’s exactly what you can do with the BLEC Multivator, a unique sports turf renovation implement that recycles buried soil around the root zone, bringing it up to the surface and then incorporating it back into the root structure. In one pass, the Multivator eliminates the need to import materials, saving you time and money. The machine works on the principle of specially designed, closely spaced, carbide faced blades that slit and lift the soil to recycle it, leaving any unwanted stones buried for a clean finish. The depth is controlled by employing a flat skid frame and, once lifted, the soil dressing is incorporated back into the surface by a drag brush. There is an optional hydraulic brush also available and the Multivator can be operated only as a rotary de-compacter if needed simply by fitting optional smooth blades. A seed hopper can also be fitted for one-pass overseeding.

The Multivator comes in both a compact/mid version as well as a heavy duty one. The Multivator Heavy Duty is designed for contractors whose work requires a long-life high production machine. It will both de-compact and recycle the soil and features close blades spaced at 20cm (optional 10cm) with a heavy duty skid plate and a four-speed gearbox with a side gear drive – there are no chains. The special blades will penetrate down to 20cm to lift the soil to the surface. This version will produce up to 100kg of recycled soil per 100 sq metres and has as standard a hydraulic rotary brush, with optional blades for de-compacting only, and an optional seed hopper. The Multivator Heavy Duty is designed to operate with tractors from 70 -125hp. You have to ask yourself why have the time, bother and expense of having to import top soil when you can have a machine that de-compacts and does the job for you?

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