BLEC bounces back at BTME 2018 thanks to Redexim manufacturing and Charterhouse sales channels

BTME 2018 will see BLEC bouncing back and looking bright under the stewardship of Charterhouse Turf Machinery.  The range of specialised landscaping and turfcare equipment has been streamlined and re-engineered by the Redexim team to feature a wealth of features.  Manager of the BLEC division, Curtis Allen, will be ‘on-stand’ to happily explain what 18 months of hard work at Redexim has achieved.

In line with demand, the BLEC range has been rationalised to a number of core machines which sit happily alongside, as well as expanding, the current offering from Charterhouse in the UK.  Additionally, each of the models in the new BLEC portfolio have been refined and further developed thanks to Redexim’s manufacturing techniques to ensure maximum suitability and efficiency for the market.

One such example of product development is the BLEC Turfmaker, a seeder which uses front castellated rollers to crush lumps whilst producing small pockets to accept the seed. The rear set of rollers than split the shallow ridge formed by the front roller, incorporating the seed evenly in the top 12mm, whilst keeping surface disturbance to a minimum. The Turfmaker has now been updated to include a new seed control rate system, new seed feed mechanism and weight ballast kits, all alongside a new look.

With the machinery developments complete, Charterhouse have also been busy appointing dealers to distribute the range. The wide variety of applications BLEC machines can satisfy requires a new network of dealers, and there has been a great deal of interest – the one criteria being a name renowned for quality and service.

The first new BLEC dealer has been confirmed as Acorn Tractors. Based in Derbyshire, Acorn Tractors stock tractors, mowers and other turfcare equipment from a range of established industry manufacturers.  Acorn Tractors Owner Julian Simpson says, “We are delighted to have been appointed as BLEC dealers for the Central UK region. We have been involved with BLEC products for many years, both from using the machinery on contracting projects to selling as well. We look forward to offering BLEC machines for purchase or hire to new & existing customers.”

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BLEC majors on Multiseeder at BTME 2018 Stand No: B38

Fully established as a trading division of Charterhouse Turf Machinery, BLEC will be returning to BTME 2018 with their range of specialised landscaping and turfcare equipment. A particular highlight for visitors stopping by stand B38 will be the updated BLEC Multiseeder.

The Blec Multiseeder (BMS) is an ideal overseeder for working on both fine turf and amenity type areas. The updated models feature all new seed ratio and seed feed systems which offer the user incredible accuracy. The twin spiked front rollers can be fixed or left to float, taking undulating surfaces easily in its stride while an optional spiked rear roller can be added should the operator wish to further increase the holes per square meter. The BMS has an integrated weight mounting frame, allowing suitcase weights to be added should difficult ground conditions demand additional penetration. It also features two brushes- the first can be adjusted to increase or decrease the pressure applied while the rear brush preens the surface to ensure a tidy finish. Offering a 160cm working width, 120cm and 210cm wide options are also available in the range.

For those who prefer a pedestrian unit, the BLEC Cultipack Seeder will also be on show, renowned for its well-proven, accurate seeding system. The front notched ring rollers crush lumps, making small pockets in the soil which accept the seed across the full width of the roller. The rear rollers then splits the shallow ridges, covering the seeds in the top 12mm of the soil. With this unit, surface disturbance is also kept to a minimum.

Staff will also be on hand to offer further information on the full BLEC range, which includes both pedestrian and tractor mounted units, that find natural homes with greenkeepers, sports turf managers, municipalities, landscapers and contractors to name a few.

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The Blec Business, A New Future

The Redexim Group in Holland has announced its plans for the future of the Blec range of products for the UK and Export markets. Production is being set up by Redexim for the 2016 range of Blec machines with initial supply starting in April/May next year.

The Group has also entered into an exclusive agreement with Garry Mumby and his new business, Greenworld Equipment Limited., to work full time with Redexim giving design, technical, application and sales support to the future Redexim Blec business.

Until full production has been set up at their factory, Redexim has put in place arrangements for the supply of a limited number of machines, and Blec parts, over the coming months.

Blec UK, a division of Charterhouse Turf Machinery Limited, has been set up for the supply of the Blec machines and parts to existing and new Blec customers in the UK and Ireland.

Garry Mumby, as the Manager responsible for Blec UK, will handle all sales, demonstrations, technical and service support in the UK and Ireland. He will work with the Charterhouse team to establish a full dealer network over the coming months, ready for the 2016 season.

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BLEC Joins The Redexim Stable

Redexim bv, the parent company of Charterhouse Turf Machinery, have reached an agreement to purchase the assets of BLEC Global Ltd.

BLEC is continuing to trade as normal, for sales and parts queries please contact us:

4 Crowland Business Centre, Crowland, Peterborough, PE6 0FB
Tel: 01778 346222, Fax: 01778 346777 Email:

The deal includes the purchase of the BLEC name and means that the products will continue to be traded around the world by Redexim under the name of BLEC.

Redexim will now be responsible for the full manufacture and distribution of the current range of over 80 different BLEC machines throughout the world including the UK & Ireland. Discussions are currently underway to set up dealer arrangements in the countries within which BLEC operates, including the UK, and announcements about this will be made in due course.

BLEC, founded in 1986, have developed a good reputation around the world for developing new innovative machinery that is well engineered, built for long life and reliability. The company offers a wide range of specialised landscaping and turfcare machinery, both walk behind and tractor mounted models, to suit a varied range of requirements.

BLEC products have been used by greenkeepers, groundsmen, turf growers, landscapers, contractors and installation companies around the world.


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Plantworx works for BLEC

BLEC Global report a very good response from customers at Plantworx 2015, with the main products demonstrated being the Power Box Rake and Laser Graders.
The Power Box Rake is designed for landscapers to be able to cultivate, earth move, grade and rake all in one pass. There are several configurations with walk-behind, tractor and loader versions.

The BLEC Laser Grader comes in compact, mid and heavy-duty models offering dual grading with an accurate and smooth proportional valve system. The graders are ideal for levelling sports areas, golf tees and all types of pitches.
BLEC’s Gary Mumby says “we are very pleased with the show. We have created some new contacts and BLEC are now actively looking to extend our range of equipment to cater for the growing demand within the construction industry.” Both the Power Box Rake and Laser Grader were sold at the show following the demonstrations.

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